Toilet sanitation simplified 

The need for hygiene

Toilets are considered the most polluted area in our living space.

They contain numerous kinds of microorganism that often cause contagions and transmission of diseases.
The need for hygiene and caring for our health has constantly driven the world to develop new inventions and innovations.


Hanging vs Manual 

Until today, there where only two main ways to clean and disinfect the toilet.

Rim hanging cleaners that washes the interior bowl after each flush, and liquid detergents that are used occasionally on manual cleanups. 

The problem no one speak of!

Let's face the truth, even when rim hanging cleaners clean the interior bowl, they still has no effect over the upper "dry" areas.

These areas simply stay sully and polluted until cleaned manually.

But what's causing this filth?


Seeing the unseen  

By using special liquid, UV lights and slow motion cameras we were able to visualize a real perspective of what actually happens when man are using the toilet.

The velocity of the jet generates a massive impact inside the bowl causing a ricochet reaction of droplets. 

Can you imagine how many germs are at the toilet and how polluted it actually gets? 

Just because it is transparent, doesn't mean it's not there! 

We're getting sick of it

Not only we are disgust by the filth but more importantly, we're often get contagious and sick by the massive amount of the "hidden" germs.
Digestive problems, stomach ache, vomiting, fever and diarrhea are a small part of the symptoms from a vast diagnosis spectrum.  


The FLY Sticker

In order to reduce splashbacks and maintain cleaner toilets, the fly sticker was invented.
The idea was to attach the sticker on the curve side of the inner bowl in order to convince users to hit the fly and minimize the jet's impact. 

This solution could minimize the problem to some extent, but it is inadequate as
the velocity of the jet is simply too strong.

A simple, yet briliante solution for a problem everyone suffer from!

The final solution!

"PeeOnMe", a revolutionary hanging toilet cleaner, containing special bristles designed to prevent and eliminate splashbacks by absorbing the jet's velocity and as an outcome to maintain a clean & hygiene toilet in order to reduce contagious and deliver a clean pleasant feeling.
It also designed to withstand any "human pressure" making it suitable for anyone anywhere!


Supremacy patented 

In order to disinfected & clean the bristles after each use, and prevent them from receiving bad odor & blackening, we designed the product's operation to drain the active detergent on top of the bristles and wash them after each flush!    

Man education

We believe the principle & benefits of using "PeeOnMe" are simple to understand, but just to be sure they are, we attached a clear & simple instruction sticker inside the package for those who don't.

Educating kids

Our line includes Glow in the dark, Color changing materials & LED sensor activation which encourage cleanliness awareness by increasing interaction and making the process into something fun!


Goodbye diapers

The attraction of using "PeeOnMe" is so enjoyable & fun for toddlers, they actually initiate going & using the toilet.

It is the best potty trainer ever!   

Urine analysis

We are currently developing a system that analyzes urine in order to keep track over patients health and discover early stage abnormalities that might signal for bladder or prostate problems.

Hygiene for everyone!

Improving toilet sanitation and cleanliness must start with a solution to prevent droplet splashbacks and keep the toilet from getting messy and polluted in the first place.Less germs, more hygiene, better life for all of us! 


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