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Can you imagine peeing and having little urinal droplets splashing at your legs and feet?! 
If you are a man then I'm sure you do.

You try to find a good curved spot to aim at in order to minimize the impact of the jet but you've already traveled anywhere and you know there is none, after all, it's not the first time you're peeing!
And while you get splashed at, you can't help but think "who was that imbecile who designed the toilets", WTF am I supposed to do seat down?!
You convenience yourself that this spot helps a little and you stay tall, after all, I'm a man and seating on the toilet feels messy anyway!


I did some searching on the subject and got blown away by the results!
So many men are peeing seated.
Women who forced to wipe the seat a few times a day.

Fights and arguments over lifting the seat and even couples who got divorced over an argument of not lifting the seat!
Absolutely crazy....

And if that was not enough, I discovered that sully and polluted toilets play a major role as the cause of getting contagious and spreading of diseases.    

I tried to search the web for products and patents to see if any solution exists but there was none!

Can you imagine?!, hundreds of designs of toilet cleaner that do nothing but release some colored detergent just to make you feel like the toilet is cleaner.

Then it hit me, "I'm going to put an end to that", no matter what! 

Fast forward years later, through endless testings, dozens of prototypes, a patented invention, and an unstoppable obsession with perfection, "PeeOnMe" was created.

A revolutionary toilet cleaner that helps make the world a better place.

Designed in Israel by Shahar & Doron Moskovits.

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