Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you ship worldwide?

Answer: No, we are currently shipping to the US only, to any US location.

Question: Do you offer other fragrances than the ones on the site?

Answer: Not at the moment but don't worry we are working to engineer new fragrances so keep following for updates.

Question: Do you offer free shipping?

Answer: We only offer free shipping on subscription.

Question: Your product doesn't fit my toilet, can I return it?

Answer: Return isn't an option due to the use context of a "toilet product".

We do offer the first "trial" sample at a none profitable price to make sure if it's ok for you or not.

Question: I love your product, now what?

Answer: Great, just subscribe so we can ship you products on a regular basis to make sure you don't get stuck without.

Question: Do you offer any discount for recurring orders?

Answer: Yes, simply subscribe and receive a 10% lifetime discount for all future orders.

Question: How does subscription work?

Answer: We ship 6pcs every 6 months, 

Question: What if my shipment doesn't arrive?

Answer: We got you covered, let us know and we will get this sorted.

Question: How long does shipping take?

Answer: We usually ship on the same day but it might take up to 1-2 days for processing. delivery takes 20-35 working days.

Question: How can I know if it fits my toilet?

Answer: You can't know until you actually test it, that's why we offer every first order at a minimum none-profit cost for us.

Question: How can I know if your product actually works?

Answer: If you watched the clip on our site you can clearly see there are no splashes accrues while aiming at the bristles. 

If you still feel like you want to test it by yourself, there are a few simple ways to check.
For men - if you ever used the toilet while wearing short pants, flippers, or naked before showering, then you probably felt some droplets splashing on your bare skin, all you have to do now is to use our product and feel the difference.

For women - your toilet is shiny after cleaning and has no reflection of little urinal droplets, with our product you will see how your toilet is kept cleaner with fewer urinal droplets. 

Question: Is there a way to refill the product after it's empty?

Answer: No, you need to discard it to the recycle ban.

Question: Can I still use the product after it's empty?

Answer: Yes but this is not recommended, the detergent inside cleans and disinfect the deflecting panel after each flush, without it the panel will begin to stain due to bacteria buildup and spread bad odor.  

Question: Do you have other products or variations?

Answer: Yes we already have designed a few cool variations of the product.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates or subscribe to our recurring order to receive a special purchase offer as our VIP.

Question: I promote ecological products, do you have a recycled one?

Answer: We will offer the option to purchase a recycled variation of our product in the near future.

Question: Why don't you offer 100% buyer protection refund?

Answer: We are a startup with very limited funds that aim to improve toilet sanitation worldwide.

Unfortunately, as of now, we can not offer this option but rest assured if we had the funds, we would happily do so.

Question: Is there anything important that you think we need to know?

Answer: Yes, the use of our product is fun and somewhat addictive to kids,  if you happen to run out of product, and choose to use any other product instead, your sun will most likely aim at it even tho it has no deflecting panel.