Design for everyone

The benefits of using "PeeOnMe" are pretty simple & self explanatory when it comes to adults as we all know the importance of hygiene and sanitation.
In children on the other hand, we knew we had to get more persuasive.

We expanded our line of products in order to increase interaction and make the process fun & enjoyable, so don't be surprised if he wants to use the toilet more often, even if he doesn't really need. 

blue (1).png
red less glow low color less blur.png

Glow In The Dark!

Our line of products include blue, green and red glow in the dark materials to increase awareness.  

Playing2 (1).png

Temperature Color Changing

Special colored plastic turn white on impact when temperature gets warm and return back to original color after flush.

Playing2 (1).png

Sensor Activated LED

LED chip inside a transparent design gets activated on impact.

Our revolutionary product can makes the world better!
It improves toilet sanitation!

Improves general cleanliness!

Minimize bacteria all over the toilet area!

Minimize the potential of contagious!

Minimize spreading and travel of diseases!

Aducates man and kids awareness for cleanliness and hygiene!